The total healthcare solutions provider for low resource environments

Utilise our extensive experience in delivering appropriate and long-term solutions to a wide variety of healthcare projects in low resource areas. We use both new and appropriately recycled equipment to maximise the effectiveness of your budget. We also will deliver the equipment to its destination whilst also providing a full BioMedical Engineering service.

“I do highly recommend the EcoClave™ for all rural based medical centres in Africa. 
It is one machine that African medics cannot afford to do away with if they are to ensure the quick, efficient, safe and affordable availability of properly sterilised machines; in environments where the use of electric alternatives is not possible.” Rev Fr Silvester K Bukenya – St Faustina Health Centre

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Our Mission

  • Offer support

    Through our dedicated team.

  • Gain more partners

    Strengthen and build on our relationships with old and new partners.

  • With your help

    Build on our current stock of equipment.

  • Continue to be unique

    Stay committed to our ethical and Christian servant based approach.

Latest News

Due to our ongoing expansion, here at Medical Aid International we are delighted to announce that we are looking for a new lntern(s).
To find out more about the role download the Job Specification here.