exist because

people and countries care



five billion people

have no access to safe surgery

Together, we have helped transform the lives of ordinary people in the poorest countries of the world.

Medical Aid International around our World

Our Mission

  • Offer support

    Through our dedicated team.

  • Gain more partners

    Strengthen and build on our relationships with old and new partners.

  • With your help

    Build on our current stock of equipment.

  • Continue to be unique

    Stay committed to our ethical and Christian servant based approach.

Working in Association with Orthopaedics Africa

All those involved in healthcare in Africa will be very well aware of the burden of orthopaedic trauma and congenital bone deformities to the people of this content. We work with Orthopaedics Africa, an organisation that exists to provide a reliable, consistent, cost-effective solution to enable surgical management of orthopaedic conditions to be carried out.

Latest News

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