Thousands of superb healthcare initiatives operate all over the developing world. Staffed by local and expatriate healthcare personnel these projects make a real difference to the local communities they serve. They may be run by vast global aid agencies, smaller charities and groups or simply private individuals. The variety of these projects is enormous and ranges from holistic community medicine to complex in-patient hospital medical care.

These projects exist because people and countries care – they want to make a difference. Using their abilities, talents and determination, combined with a tremendous sense of commitment these individuals, teams and projects give those in the developing world hope and a future.

What we do

We provide a comprehensive support service to organisations large and small to support healthcare delivery in the developing world:

  • Recycle medical equipment from the west and send it to the developing world as part of a coordinated and informed strategy
  • Buy new/ex-lease/pre owned equipment as required
  • Negotiate donations and represent projects to industry
  • Give advice and project manage
  • Offer a full BioMedical Engineering service
  • Make money go a very long way through relationships with industry, bulk buying capacity and procurement of donations

Our partners

Our work varies from equipping rural bush clinics, to whole hospital installations. We work in 20+ countries with major international NGO’s, small churches, charities and private individuals.

We play a major role in UK disaster response via Save the Children and UK Med.  This includes procurement, technical advice, logistics, BioMedical Engineering support, personal medical and travel equipment supply, training and being on the first response teams for global disasters.


What makes us unique

Here at MAI we have an ethical and Christian servant based approach and solutions based ethos. Failure is not an option.

We have developed strong relationships with industry and a deep understanding of how they work.

With a full time BioMedical Engineer we offer a full back up service is to all projects.

Because of our backgrounds and experience, we have a deep understanding of the healthcare and social issues in the developing world. As well as the logistical process for supply, re-supply and ongoing support, education and networking needed to make these projects successful.


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