Tim’s Moral Story from Uganda

While driving to Mbarara from Kagando in a truly torrential rain storm, Hakim, Tim’s driver suddenly pulled over and said “Fred is here, he has opened a restaurant!”

Tim has known Fred for a number of years as he managed the Guest House that Tim usually stays in in Kampala. He is a lovely, quiet, gentle man, always bring Tim tea, a guaranteed way to cement a relationship. Tim knew he had moved on but did not expect to see him. He burst into the car a changed man. Soaked from the rain he radiated joy, excitedly telling Tim about the restaurant he and his wife had just set up. Tim was able to dash in and have the privilege of being the first Muzungu (white man) visitor. Tim spent some time chatting to Fred and his wife as they told him of their dreams, and the contentment and excitement they radiated for their future was contagious. Tim found it a special, unexpected and thought-provoking moment.

The moral of Tim’s story? If you have a dream, go for it! After all, if you want to walk on water, you have to step out of the boat. The pleasure, exhilaration, buzz, joy etc. may all be yours, but you are the only one who can take the first step.

As per Tim’s favourite saying, life is not a dress rehearsal!

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