Tim’s trip to Uganda – June 2016

Tim flew out to Uganda this month where he had meetings in Kampala with the Red Cross with whom we are still exploring our joint healthcare initiative.

He followed this with a visit to the Archie Foundation Paediatric Unit that we completed for them a year ago. We are now installing a new ITU there (Sean commissioned the ventilator and serviced both the anaesthetic machine Big Bertha during his visit there the week before), and Tim was pleased to see the theatres working as hard as ever. Work will begin in earnest on the ITU next week.

Off to CORSU next, a wonderful charity Orthopaedics and Plastics Hospital where he dropped off some instruments, and then back to the airport to see our load for the Semiliki Trust in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, safely on its way overland by lorry. We have provided them with an operating theatre and other items. Included in the load was one of our EcoClaves TM, a perfect sterilisation solution for a hospital that only has a generator to supply their electricity.

Finally, a trip to the west of the country to Kagando Hospital to deliver some orthopaedic and obstetric equipment, and carry out a service on the Big Bertha. They too have one of our EcoClavesTM, and were in fact the second hospital to have one.

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