Semiliki Trust – Bukavu

So, pleased to hear today from the Semiliki Trust that all the equipment we sent to the DRC is now in use in Bukavu in the east of the country. The team at the Trust have done an amazing job. This is not an easy country to work in and the need for quality medical care is, as we all know, very much needed.

Everything we sent considered the fact that the centre has no mains electricity. They use solar power, natural light and they have a generator. Our solutions for this challenge included our EcoClave™, a wood powered autoclave so they could sterilise equipment properly, a draw over Diamedica DPA02 anaesthetic machine and an oxygen concentrator. Where required and possible all electrical equipment has battery backup – suction, monitoring and so on. Of course we sent all the extras that are required.

This qoute from the Semiliki Trust team”The operating theatre at St Matthieu Health Centre is now beautifully equipped with all the kit purchased with the money you all so generously donated on top of the money we initially raised for building the operating theatre. Thanks so much to you all, and to the amazing team at UK-based Medaid, who not only sent out the kit to Bukavu – no mean feat – but also added many extras like external fixators (for broken bones) and quality operating instruments.
The theatre now has a really good operating table, suction, an operating light, oxygen concentrator and much more”

Well done to Ben, our excellent Entebbe agent who sent the equipment. There were a few challenges on route but it arrived at the hospital about 10 days after leaving our Bedford base – a phenomenal achievement.

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