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Our Team

Tim Beacon

Tim Beacon

Managing Director
Tims was an ODP and has a graduate diploma in travel medicine.
Leanne Day

Leanne Day

Business and Finance Manager
Leanne is our Business and Finance Manager, looking after our accounts and administration.
Sean Ryder

Sean Ryder

Operations Manager
Sean is our Operations Manager and Head of BioMedical Engineering.
Rob Shutt

Rob Shutt

BioMedical Engineer
Rob initially came to us as an intern.

What People Say

On behalf of the entire Ministry of Health & Social welfare, The Regional Health Directorate and Kerewan Health Centre, I want to sincerely thank you for the magnificent gesture which will go a long way in contributing to the dispensation of quality health care to the people of the Gambia in general and Kerewan Health Centre catchment area population in particular.

Thank you, Thank you and thank you very much.

Alhagie Karamba Keita
Regional Director of Health Services – Ministry of Health & Social welfare

I am pleased to report that the equipment arrived safely in Mwanza… I can confirm that all the large items were present …All the instrument sets were in order… The quality of the surgical instruments is superb.

As promised, you included an enormous number of extras, the largest of which was a multifunction patient monitor. There are two ambulance emergency kits, a large range of anaesthetic equipment and vast supplies of surgical disposables. There are surgical scrubs and white gowns as well.

Thank you for your efficiency and generosity. The people of rural Tanzania will most definitely benefit.

Semiliki Trust
Derrick Selby, Mwanza

A huge thank you for the Ecoclave that you sent. Many thanks again for all your efforts in helping us have such a wonderful sterilising machine. We are absolutely delighted to finally have one, and such a good and practical one. In fact, made me realise the importance of having such a practical one recently – my husband’s nephew whom we have been helping to raise has been going blind these passed years (a 12 year old) and was sent urgently to Dakar before Easter – he is still awaiting ‘urgent’ surgery as the government hospital’s autoclave has been broken down ever since. I imagine it was one of the electrical ones that we nearly bought that you said break down so often with no one to fix them. Your Ecoclave really is the answer to many problems!

God bless you and in your work

Dr Bethan Manga

Friends of Medical Aid International