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About the kit

Packed in a robust red bag with an inner drugs bag, all of the items are very high quality and readily accessible. This enables the user to manage a wide range of circumstances and health care needs, ensuring that they can carry out their tasks or simply enjoy their expedition in the best possible health and manner.

This kit has been designed by Tim Beacon, the Managing Director of Medical Aid International who has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Travel Medicine. He is the author of “The Gap Year Handbook, an Essential Guide to Adventure Travel”, has taught on military medical courses and regularly travels to remote and challenging environments.

The kits have been issued to UK teams going to Sierra Leone in the current Ebola crisis as well as other deployments.

What’s inside

  • 9 hour Citronella candles x3
  • Lighter x1
  • Firelighter x1
  • Pack of waterproof matches x1
  • Mini LED torch x1
  • Safety pins – multiple
  • 15cm Crepe bandage x1
  • 10cm Crepe bandage x1
  • 5cm Crepe bandage x1
  • Field dressing 15 x 18cm x1
  • Small swiss army penknife x1
  • Button compass x1
  • Nylon cord x1
  • Emergency whistle x1
  • Safety light stick x1
  • Triangular bandage x1
  • Mepore dressings 9 x 10cm – multiple
  • Plasters – multiple
  • Steri-Strips – multiple
  • 25mm Elastoplast roll x1
  • 25mm Micropore roll x1
  • Water purification tablets – multiple
  • Sewing kit x1
  • Scissors x1
  • Artery forceps x1
  • Toothed forceps x1
  • Antiseptic wound wipes x8
  • Skin plaster (Germolene) bottle x1
  • Cotton wool pads x3
  • Lipsyl x1
  • Vaseline x1
  • Hydrocortisone cream tube x1 (For eczema, dermatitis and insect bites/stings)
  • Paracetamol x32 tablets (Pain & fever relief)
  • Neurofen x24 tablets (Pain & fever relief, anti-inflammatory)
  • Co-codamol x32 tablets (Strong pain relief)
  • Loperamide x30 tablets (Anti-diarrhoeal)
  • Kwells x12 tablets (Travel-sickness and nausea control)
  • Loratidine x30 tablets (Anti-histamine for allergy and hayfever relief. Helps stop itching)
  • Dioralyte x2 sachets (Oral rehydration powder)
  • Chloramphenicol x1 tube (Antibiotic eye ointment)
  • Instructions and expiry dates for medication

A large part of our success on many projects is the ability to get the right equipment to the right people at the right time.
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