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Thousands of superb healthcare initiatives operate all over the developing world

Thousands of superb surgical healthcare facilities operate in the developing world, from small rural clinics, to large urban hospitals, centres for complex specialties to holistic community medicine. These facilities are run by governments, international NGOs, local charities and agencies, and private companies and individuals for the benefit of the people they serve, bringing healing and good health to some of the poorest people in the world. Working, usable, fit-for-purpose equipment is the bedrock of these services.

Supporting healthcare in the developing world has many challenges. Sourcing the correct equipment and maintaining it in working order can be very difficult. Imported equipment may be prohibitively expensive, and local equipment supply chains may be non-existent. Equipment donated as charity from the developed world is frequently faulty or unsuitable for the local environments. Trained biomedical engineers are thin on the ground so broken equipment goes unrepaired and Healthcare professionals may lack the training and expertise to use equipment to its full. Here at Medical Aid International we provide personalised solutions to these issues, each tailored to the individual project. This process often acts as a catalyst to enhance medical practice across the developing world.