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Patient Monitoring Solutions

We can supply a wide variety of monitoring solutions, all tailored to the anaesthetic method being used. These range from pulse oximeters to monitors that include the full range of normal parameters such as CO2 and anaesthetic agents as well as temperature and also invasive monitoring options.

We use Mindray machines as we have found them extremely reliable, an excellent company to work with and very competitively priced.

Most commonly we tend to supply one of two machines. Firstly, the Mindray VS 900 machine. This does blood pressure and oxygen saturation and has full alarm and cycling capabilities.  Secondly, we often supply another Mindray monitor that includes ECG and CO2, as well as oxygen saturation and blood pressure.

All machines have battery backup and are supplied with two of each adult to neonatal accessories.

The image above left shows a VS900 being used in recovery at a children’s surgical unit in Kampala and the below image is a small screen version of the ECG/CO2 monitor.

Further Information

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A large part of our success on many projects is the ability to get the right equipment to the right people at the right time.
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